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  Answers to FAQS On Commercial Leases


Commercial Leases
Is there a standard commercial lease?
How should my lease define my business if I want “exclusivity”?
My landlord allowed another tenant to put a patio in front of my leased space, can I terminate the lease?
How Do Commercial Leases Differ From Residential Leases?
Are commercial lease terms negotiable?
I have a broker, do I really need an attorney to assist with my lease?
What is the difference between a gross lease and a triple net lease?
How do I determine if the location I want is properly zoned for my business?
What is the difference between a sublease and an assignment?
Is My Option to Renew Valid and Enforceable?
Is a Commercial Landlord Obligated to Accept Reduced Rent From a Tenant In an Effort To Mitigate Damages?
Is a Commercial Landlord Required to Mitigate Damages If a Tenant Abandons the Lease?
Can a Commercial Landlord Continually Sue to Recover Rent Due on an Abandoned Tenancy?
Can a Commercial Tenant Audit the Landlord's Administrative and Pass-Through Expenses?

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