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Copyright Basic Facts
Introduction to Copyright
 This article provides a basic overview of copyright, copyright laws, the benefits of registering a copyright, and copyright protection.
What Copyright Does and Does Not Protect
 This article discusses what copyright protects and what copyright does not protect and the difference between patents and copyrights. The expression of the author's idea is protected by copyright, but the idea itself is not.
How To Properly Display A Valid Copyright Notice
 This article details when and how to properly display a copyright notice on your work, which often depends on the type of work created and the contents of the work.
What Are Derivative Works and Compilations in Copyright
 This article explains the difference between a derivative work and a compilation, as each requires different handling procedures with the copyright office.
How Long Copyright Protection Lasts and When Copyright Protection Expires
 Determining the copyright term for a work is not hard if you know a few things about when, by whom, and how the copyrighted work was created.

Copyright Registration
How and When to Register Your Copyright
 This article provides an overview of the copyright registration process, which copyright application form to use, and when to contact an attorney.
Benefits of Copyright Registration
 This article discusses the benefits of registering your copyright with the Copyright Office, which include the right to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit.
Correcting Errors In Copyright Registrations
 This article discusses how a copyright owner can correct an error contained in the original copyright registration certificate.
When To Register Your Copyright
 This article provides a brief overview of when you can register your copyright and precautions to take if your copyright involves computer software.

Licensing and Transfers
Transferring Your Copyright
 This article provides an overview on the different ways by which a copyright transfer may occur. Specifically, copyright licensing and copyright assignments. The article also describes how and when a copyright license may automatically end, and the rights retained by the copyright owner even after transfer.
Non-Exclusive Copyright License
 This article provides a brief description on the non-exclusive copyright license and its effects.
That License Looks Fair
 This article describes some of the common pitfalls encountered when negotiating and drafting an intellectual property license.

Copyright Infringement
Basic Overview Of Copyright Infringement
 This article explains copyright infringement (copyright violations), whether an infringement lawsuit can be brought, what needs to be proved, and the potential penalties for copyright infringement.
Works in the Public Domain - Works Anyone Can Use and Copy
 This article briefly explores what types of works have fallen into the public domain, such that anyone may copy them without fear of infringement.
Fair Use vs. Copyright Infringement
 This article briefly explores when someone can use a copyright protected work without a license (when use is deemed "fair use" ), as opposed to copyright infringement.
Fair Use and Misuse - Two Defenses Toi Claims of Copyright Infringement
 This article explains both "Fair Use" and "Copyright Misuse" - Two main defenses to a claim of copyright infringement.

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