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Home Buying And Selling

General Home Buying And Selling FAQs
Checklist For Buying a Condominium in California
 This article explains the items a new home buyer shoudl specifically consider and look at when buying a condominium in California.
Home Purchase and Sale Agreement
 This article briefly explains what a buyer should look for in a home purchase and sale agreement, before the buyer signs on the dotted line.
Checklist For Buying a California Home
 This article sets forth the items a new home buyer should be sure to review before signing a puchase and sale agreement, or buying a home.
Special IRS Tax Breaks When You Sell Your Home
 If you sell your home residence, you may exclude up to $250,000 of your capital gain from tax ($500,000 if you are married), so long as you meet certain eligibility requirements. This article explains the qualifications and the amount of the capital gain exclusion you will receive.
Be Wary of the Tax Implications of Selling a Home at a Loss
 This article explains some of the lesser known tax consequences of selling your home or personal residence at a loss, in a short sale, or lose it in a foreclosure.

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