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General Trademark FAQs
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Introduction to Trademark
Trademarks, Trade Names, and Domain Names Explained
 This article explains what a trademark is, what qualifies as a registerable trademark, and how trademarks differ from trade names, domain names, and company names.
Trademarks Copyrights & Patents Differentiated and Explained
 This article briefly describes the difference between trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.
Company Names And Trade Names Are Not Trademarks
 This article briefly describes the difference between trademarks, corporate names, and trade names, otherwise known as fictitious business names and dba's.
State Approved Corporate Names are not Trademarks
 This article briefly describes the difference between a corporate name and a trademark, and why your corporate name may be infringing someone else's trademark.
Trademarks and Trademark Law
 This article provides a basic overview of trademark law. It provides an overview of what a trademark is, the registration process and benefits, and what constitutes infringement.

Trademark Definitions
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Trademark Searches
Selecting a Strong Trademark, Company Name, and/or Product Name
 This article provides a basic overview on how to select a strong trademark, company name and/or product name that will afford you the best protections under U.S. trademark laws.

Registering a Trademark
Overview of the U.S. Trademark Registration Process
 This article briefly explains the U.S. trademark registration process, including who may register a trademark, when to register a trademark, AND the information you will need to register a trademark. Where to register your trademark (e.g. at the state level versus the federal level is explained in another article).
Establishing Your Rights In A Trademark
 This article briefly explains how to establish your trademark rights by registration at the state and federal level, with customs, and elsewhere and by applying the proper notice.
State Trademark Registration
 This article briefly explains how to establish your trademark rights at the state level, and why this is a good idea even if you are planning on filing for a federal trademark.

Trademark Protection and Maintenance
Duly Record Your Trademark With U.S. Customs
 This article explains how to register your trademark and/or copyright with Customs and Border Protection to protect your trademark against counterfeit imports.

Trademark Infringement
Coming Soon

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