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Q.What is a Registered Agent for Service Of Process?

A.In most states, before submitting your Articles of Incorporation, you will likely need to select an agent for service of process. Almost ALL states require a corporation to designate a registered agent for service of process. A registered agent is either a person, or corporation, within the state who is willing to accept service of process in the event the corporation is sued. The registered agent also forwards tax information and other paperwork to the business.

In most cases, anyone who has a street address (P.O. BOXES ARE NOT PERMITTED) within the state of incorporation may act as a registered agent for the corporation.

Often times a corporation will utilize the services of a profession company to serve as an agent for service of process. Why? For many reasons, but primarily because whoever acts as the registered agent will have their name and address on the public record for the corporation and can be served by the Marshall at the listed address.

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