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Q.How much will Unemployment Pay Me?

A.In California, the minimum benefit amount is $40 per week and the maximum benefit amount is $450 per week. To receive at least $40 per week, you must have earned a minimum of $1,300 in a single quarter in the Base Period (first four of the last five quarters from the time you file a new claim) or earned at least $900 in the highest quarter of the base period and a total base period earnings of 1.25 times the highest quarter earnings. A quarter is 3 months.

To receive the maximum benefit amount of $450 per week, you must have earned at least $11,674 in a single quarter in the Base Period.

If the claim begins in: Base Period is the prior 12 months ending the last day of:
January-February-March September
April-May-June December
July-August-September March
October-November-December June

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