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Q.How to Conduct An Inspection Of A Rental Before You Rent?

A.Before a tenant signs a lease or rental agreement, the prospective tenant should carefully inspect the rental unit to determine whether and to what extent the landlord is maintaining the premises. Use the inventory checklist (comming soon) as an inspection guide, but carefully look for:

  • Cracks or holes in the floor, walls, or ceiling (which may have been quickly painted over);

  • Signs of water damage in the floor, walls, or ceiling;

  • Signs of mold which may cause severe health effects;

  • Signs of rust in water from the faucets in the kitchen and bath;

  • Signs of insects or other vermin;

  • Any leaks in the kitchen or bathroom;

  • Any offensive odors (cat, dog, urine, mold, etc.); and

  • Chipping paint on the walls or ceiling

Be sure to also test:

  • The hot water (how long does it take and how hot does it get);

  • The light switches; and

  • Heating and air conditioning.

Inspect the common areas of the building, its exterior, and the trash receptacles.

Finally, if you are concerned about safety, parking, and your landlord's real affinity toward making repairs, tour the neighborhood both during the day and at night on both a weekday and week-end. Ask the neighbors how they like living in the area and ask tenants how they like living in the building.

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