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Q.Can I use a trademarked name in my meta-tags?

A.Generally NO. A meta-tag is programming code used to direct search engine traffic to your website. The use of a competitor’s trademark as a meta-tag to divert customers to your website or to confuse consumers, can lead to a successful trademark infringement suit. However, use of a non-competitor’s trademark in your meta-tags to describe your goods and/or services, their geographic origin, or character traits is considered “fair use” and not trademark infringement. For example, use of the “Playboy” trademark by a former playmate to describe her own site is “fair use.” because she is describing the fact that she was a playmate. This does not, however, give re-sellers and distributors the unfettered right to use the trademarks of others just because they are selling their goods. Re-sellers and distributors should contact the owner of the trademark they plan to use as a meta-tag and get written consent. In short, if your have the slightest bit of doubt about using another’s trademark as a meta-tag, leave it out unless you get prior written consent from the trademark owner.

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