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Q.Am I, as a reseller, liable for defective products sold on my website?

A.. Yes, A business is liable for the products it sells online, even if the products are stored elsewhere and shipped by a third party. If a defective product causes an accident that results in death, injury or property damage, the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and lessor of the product may be liable for the damages caused by the product. Everyone in the chain of title may be sued and become a defendant.

Ignorance is not a defense. Worse, disclaimers and limitations of liability posted on your website typically offer little or no protection at all.

Deal with reputable merchants who sell quality products. Know the products you are selling. Carefully, check each product against its description and any claims made about the product you have published on your website. If a product includes a warranty, make sure it is legally sound. If a product presents a possible safety hazard, or makes a health or dietary claim, consult an attorney before you sell the product or repeat its claims on your site.

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