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  Answers to FAQS On Contracts and Agreements


Contracts and Agreements
What is an illusory promise?
What are the key elements of a binding contract?
What contracts MUST be in writing?
If a vendor cancels at the last minute, do I have any legal recourse?
Can a minor enter into a contract or be held responsible for a debt?
What is the implied warranty of merchantability?
What is the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose?
Will a court award consequential damages for a breach of contract?
Am I bound by a arbitration clause in a pre-printed form?
What remedies are available in a breach of contract case?
Can I get punitive damages if someone breached a contract?
What are the most common defenses to a claim for breach of contract?
What is an option contract or option agreement?
How are damages calculated for a breach of a contract?
How old must you be to form a valid contract?

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