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Basic Employment Facts
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Questions You Should Never Ask A Job Applicant
 This article outlines 8 questions an employer should never ask a potential job applicant unless the employer wants to run afoul of various employment laws.
Six Steps Every Employer Should Take
 This article provides six affirmative steps an employer can take to maximize its efforts to avoid employment related litigation.

Wages, Hours and Benefits
California Overtime Exemption For Computer Workers and Software Programmers - 2008
 This article discusses the new California overtime exemption for computer personnel effective January 1, 2009, which requires the computer programmer or systems analyst to earn at least $36 per hour or an annual salary of at least $75,000 per year.
Creating an Employee Benefits Plan
 This article briefly explores how to create your own employee benefits plan, the typical employee benefits offered by an employer, and how such employee benefits should be presented by the employer.

Employment Contracts & Policies
Employee Contracts - Basic Terms
 This article provides a brief overview of the basic terms that should be contained in an employment contract.
Employment Contracts - Overview
 This article provides a brief overview of employment contracts, employee offer letters, and an explanation on why employment contracts should be used.
Employee Manuals & Employee Handbooks
 This article provides a brief overview of the different employment policies that can be covered and distributed to employees in an employee handbook or employee manual.

Termination & Final Wage
At Will Employment - The Right to Fire
 This article defines what "at will" employment means and suggests five ways an employer can preserve the "At Will" employer - employee relationship.

Workers Compensation
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Unemployment Insurance
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Cal Cobra Health Insurance
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