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  Answers to FAQS On Termination & Final Wage


Termination & Final Wage
Can an employer fire an employee without a good reason?
Can I fire an employee if I receive a notice of a wage garnishment?
If an employer fires an employee, when must wages be paid? (CA)
If an employee resigns, how long do I have to pay their wages? (CA)
Does an employer have to pay commissions after an employee is terminated? (CA)
How should an employer implement a mass layoff or plant closing?
Is there a law requiring an employer to provide severance pay?
Can an employer condition severance pay on an agreement not to sue?
Can an employer condition the receipt of severance on the employee's waiver of the right to sue?
Is there a general rule on how much severance an employer should pay?
Is there a general rule on how much severance an employer should pay?
What should an employer do with the personnel files of terminated employees?
When should a claim for unemployment compensation be contested?
How does vacation time affect an employer's termination policies? (CA)
How does vacation time affect my termination policies? (CA)
Must accrued vacation time be paid on the day of termination? (CA)
What happens to earned, accrued and unused vacation if an employee is discharged or quits?
What is Wrongful Termination? (CA)
My employer fired me without cause, is that wrongful termination?
What is Constructive Wrongful Termination?
Can my employer fire me because there is a garnishment on my wages?

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