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General Trademark FAQs
No general FAQ's currently

Introduction to Trademark
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Trademark Definitions
What is a trade name?
What is a trademark?
What is a service mark?
What is trade dress?
What is a collective mark?
What is a certification mark?
What is the difference between a word mark and a design logo?
How is a trade name different from a trademark?
Is the name of a band a trademark?
What is Interstate Commerce and why is this important?

Trademark Searches
Why is a trademark search necessary?
What is the difference between a knock-out and full U.S. availability search?
What if I don't have a trademark search performed?

Registering a Trademark
Can I register a domain name or web address as a trademark?
Can I trademark my trade name?
Am I required to register my trademark?
Do I have to be a US citizen to register my trademark?
Do I need an attorney to file my application to register a trademark?
What is the difference between a U.S. federal and a state trademark?
Can I apply for the word mark and design logo in the same application?
Can I put my company name, logo, and slogan all in one application?
What are some reasons a trademark will be denied registration?
Does a mark have to be in-use before filing a trademark application?
Does a mark have to be in-use before filing a federal trademark application?

Trademark Protection and Maintenance
TM, SM or ?
What are some of things I need to do to protect my trademark?
Do I have to renew my trademark registration?
How long does a trademark last?
What is involved in a trademark licensing agreement?

Trademark Infringement
How do I stop a third party infringing my trademark?
What are some of the legal remedies for trademark infringement?

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