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  Answers to FAQS On Employment Contracts & Policies


Employment Contracts & Policies

General Employment Contracts & Policies FAQs
Can an employer legally read an employees' private email?
How much time off is an employer required to provide for pregnancy?
Do I have to grant an employee request to have a co-worker present at an investigatory interview?
Are noncompetition agreements enforceable in California?

Employee Handbook and Policies
Do I need an employee handbook?
What are the main elements of an employee handbook?
How often should I update our employee manual?
Should a lawyer review our employee handbook?
What should an effective employee E-mail policy contain?
What should an employer do to prevent discrimination claims?
Should Company's Have a Cell Phone Policy?
Is an employer required to pay for Jury Duty?

Personnel File
What should an employee personnel file contain?
Should an employer allow a third party to review a personnel file?
Do employees have the right to access their employee personnel file?
Does an employee on leave of absence have a right to inspect his or her personnel file?
Do former employees have the right to inspect their personnel files?
What does "at reasonable times and intervals" mean?
Does a request to inspect my personnel file have to be in writing?
Is an employee entitled to see everything in their personnel file?
What types of records is the employee allowed to see in the personnel file?

What should an employer do to prevent discrimination claims?
What should I do if I have been discriminated against in the workplace?
If I am being sexually harassed or subjected to discrimination what should I do?
How does a person file a complaint of employment discrimination?
What is the time limit for filing a complaint of employment discrimination?
Does the Department of Fair Housing and Employment ("DFEH") represent the Employee or Employer?
How long does it take the DFEH to conduct an investigation?
What can the DFEH award if an employee files a discrimination complaint?

Employment Discrimination
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