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  Answers to FAQS On Home Buying And Selling


Home Buying And Selling

General Home Buying And Selling FAQs
Should I have a lawyer assist me in the home buying process?
What is title insurance?
What does a title insurance policy protect against?
Why should I purchase homeowner’s insurance?
What should I look for in a homeowners insurance policy?

What is a deed?
Do I need a deed to transfer property?
I'm confused by all the different kinds of deeds -- quitclaim deed, grant deed, warranty deed. Does it matter which kind of deed I use?
What's a trust deed?
What is the difference between a “deed” and “deed of trust” (a.k.a. “trust deed”)?
Does a deed have to be notarized?
After a deed is signed and notarized, what do I do with it?
Do I have to record a deed?

What is an escrow?
Who handles the escrow?
Who chooses the Escrow?
Who does the escrow represent?
Can the escrow officer solve disputes between the parties?
If the buyer and seller are unhappy with the escrow provider, can they switch companies in the middle of escrow?
Can the escrow officer explain my loan documents?
If the escrow officer fails to follow the escrow instructions, who can you complain to?
Can the closing date for the escrow be extended?
If escrow doesn't close, is the buyer entitled to have the deposit returned?

Forms Of Ownership
What are some of the common forms of property ownership?
What is a tenancy in common?
What is a joint tenancy with the right to survivorship?
What is Tenancy in the Entirety?
What is Community Property with the Right To Survivorship?
How is community property different from Community Property with the Right To Survivorship?

What is a homestead?
What is a homestead declaration?
What is the homestead exemption?
Will the Homestead Exemption prevent my property from being sold?
What is the Automatic Homestead Exemption?
What is the Declared Homestead Exemption?
If they sell my home and then pay me the exemption amount can the creditors attach it?
Are there any types of judgments to which the homestead exemption will not apply?
What types of properties are eligible for the Homestead Exemption?
What is Abandonment Of Homestead?
If I declare bankruptcy, how long must I have resided on the property I wish to declare a homestead?
Does the property I wish to declare a homestead have to be located in California?

Title Insurance
What is the difference between a deed and title?
What is a title search?
What kind of problems can a title search reveal?
Is Title Insurance Really Necessary?
What is an abstract of title?
What are "Exceptions" to the title policy?
What is Torrens or registered title?

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