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  Answers to FAQS On Advertising Law


Advertising Law
How do I develop an advertising campaign?
What makes an advertisement deceptive?
What evidence must a company have to support its advertising claims?
What can a company do if a competitor is running a deceptive ad?
What is the penalty for running a false or deceptive ad?
How do I prevent a testimonial or endorsement from being deceptive?
What is a warranty or guarantee?
What must be included in an ad containing a warranty or guarantee?
When does the law allow me to use the words FREE or CENTS OFF in an ad?
When can I use the word NEW in an advertisement
When can an advertiser use the words Made in the USA in an ad?
What does package design have to do with advertising?
What is the 900 Number Rule?
What is the Mail and Telephone Order Merchandise Rule?

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