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  Answers to FAQS On Probate and Avoiding Probate


Probate and Avoiding Probate
What is Probate?
What are non-probate assets?
How much does probate cost?
I heard estates under $100,000 are exempt from Probate?
How do you Determine the gross value of an Estate?
If there are so many costs involved with Probate, What Are Its Advantages?
What are the main disadvantages to probate?
How can I avoid probate without a trust?
What is a spousal property petition?
How does spousal petition process work?
How do I file a Spousal Property petition?
Can I administer a small estate under $100,000 without Probate?
What if the deceased personís real property in California is worth $20,000 or less and there is very little personal property?
Why is it bad for married people to own property in Joint Tenancy?
What Is Community Property With the Right Of Survivorship?
I heard property held in Joint Tenancy can be converted back to Community Property even after a spouse dies?
How do I transfer bank accounts held in joint tenancy?
How do I transfer vehicles held in joint tenancy?
How do I transfer securities held in joint tenancy?
Can my estate avoid having to an executor fee?

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