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Advertising Law
How do I develop an advertising campaign?
What makes an advertisement deceptive?
What evidence must a company have to support its advertising claims?
What can a company do if a competitor is running a deceptive ad?
What is the penalty for running a false or deceptive ad?
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Starting a Business
I'm starting a business, what steps do I need to take?
How can I limit or manage my risk with a new business?
Does incorporating a small business offer any tax breaks?
What is a fictitious business name (DBA) & do I need one?
How long does a DBA last?
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Buy/Sell A Business
I'm selling a business, what information should I disclose to a potential buyer?
I'm selling a business, what are the main steps to selling a business?
When is the right time to sell my business?
Should I attempt to sell my business on my own?
How long should it to take to sell a business?
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Business Plans
Do I need a business plan if I'm not seeking financing?
Why should I prepare a business plan?
What should a good business plan contain?
How do investors read a business plan, and what do they look for?
How long should a business plan be?
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What types of insurance is available for a small business?
What is General Liability Insurance?
What is a Business Owner's Policy?
What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?
What does Property Insurance cover?
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Contracts and Agreements
What is an illusory promise?
What are the key elements of a binding contract?
What contracts MUST be in writing?
If a vendor cancels at the last minute, do I have any legal recourse?
Can a minor enter into a contract or be held responsible for a debt?
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