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  Answers to FAQS On Real Estate Law


Landlord - Tenant
Is there anything I should do before I move in or before I move out?
Can a landlord charge me an application fee or credit check fee? (CA)
Are all rental agreements alike?
Is there a difference between a rental agreement and a lease?
How to Conduct An Inspection Of A Rental Before You Rent?
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Commercial Leases
Is there a standard commercial lease?
How should my lease define my business if I want “exclusivity”?
My landlord allowed another tenant to put a patio in front of my leased space, can I terminate the lease?
How Do Commercial Leases Differ From Residential Leases?
Are commercial lease terms negotiable?
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Home Buying And Selling
What is a deed?
Do I need a deed to transfer property?
I'm confused by all the different kinds of deeds -- quitclaim deed, grant deed, warranty deed. Does it matter which kind of deed I use?
What's a trust deed?
What is the difference between a “deed” and “deed of trust” (a.k.a. “trust deed”)?
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Can a condominium refuse to allow me to have a pet?
What is the difference between a condominium and a co-op?
How does buying a condo differ from buying a house?
How do I remove a lis pendens?
What is a “common interest development” or “CID”?
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Foreclosure and Short Sale
What is Foreclosure?
How does the Non-Judicial Foreclosure process work in California?
What happens at the Trustee Sale?
How long does it take to foreclose a property in California?
I heard that some people who show up to foreclosure sales are sometimes paid not to bid?
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Mechanics Liens
What is a mechanics lien?
What is the difference between a mechanic's lien and a stop notice?
What is a Preliminary 20-Day Notice?
Can the general contractor claim a Mechanic's Lien against the property?
Can a handyman file a Mechanics Lien against my property?
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