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  Answers to FAQS On Corporations



General Corporations FAQs
What is the minimum franchise tax in California?
When must I file my Statement Of Information in California?
Do I need to file any paperwork to conduct business in another state when I am already incorporated in my own state?
Is there a benefit to incorporating in Delaware or Nevada?

Corporation Basic Facts
What is a corporation?
What is an S- Corporation?
What is a Close Corporation?
What is Common Stock and Par Value?
Who owns a corporation?
What does the Board of Directors do?
What’s the difference between a Corporate Officer and Director?
What is a Registered Agent for Service Of Process?

Corporate Formation
Why should I form a corporation?
How long does it take to incorporate?
Do I need an attorney to incorporate a business?
What paperwork will I need to form a corporation?
Should I incorporate in Nevada or Delaware?
How do I choose a corporate name?
How many directors do I need to form a corporation?
Do I need to publish a Notice of Incorporation?
Must a Corporation file a fictitious business name (D.B.A.)?
Will incorporating prevent others from using my company name?
Does a corporation need to obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number?
Does the corporation have to issue stock?

Corporate Maintenance
What does it mean to Pierce The Corporate Veil?
What are corporate minutes and why are they so important?
How can corporate minutes reduce my tax burden?
What are corporate record keeping and reporting requirements?
How do I change the name of my corporation?
How do I maintain my corporate limited liability protection?
What should I do if I lost my company minute book and all related documents?
How do I convert from a C to a S Corporation?
How do I convert my corporation to an L.L.C.?

Corporate Dissolution
How do I dissolve a corporation (close down my business)?
How can I convert my S Corporation to an LLC?
What is an involuntary corporate dissolution?

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