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  Answers to FAQS On Employment and H.R.


Basic Employment Facts
Who is an employee? Employee or Independent Contractor?
What is an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and do I need one?
Are non-compete agreements enforceable?
My boss fired me without any cause, is that Wrongful Termination?

Should I perform a background check on potential new hires?
What should an effective job description include?
Should I do a reference check before hiring a new job applicant?
When checking references, what questions can I ask?
What questions can I ask a job applicant?
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Wages, Hours and Benefits
What is the current Federal and State minimum wage?
What is the minimum wage in my state?
Can an employee agree to work for less than the minimum wage?
Can an outside salesperson agree to work for less than minimum wage?
Is the minimum wage the same for both adult and minor employees?
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Employment Contracts & Policies
What should an employer do to prevent discrimination claims?
What should I do if I have been discriminated against in the workplace?
If I am being sexually harassed or subjected to discrimination what should I do?
How does a person file a complaint of employment discrimination?
What is the time limit for filing a complaint of employment discrimination?
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Termination & Final Wage
Can an employer fire an employee without a good reason?
Can I fire an employee if I receive a notice of a wage garnishment?
If an employer fires an employee, when must wages be paid? (CA)
If an employee resigns, how long do I have to pay their wages? (CA)
Does an employer have to pay commissions after an employee is terminated? (CA)
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Workers Compensation
Coming Soon!

Unemployment Insurance
What are the eligibility requirements for Unemployment Insurance?
What will disqualify a worker from receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits?
How much will Unemployment Pay Me?
How long are Unemployment Insurance Benefits paid?
How do I apply for unemployment insurance benefits?
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Cal Cobra Health Insurance
What is COBRA and Cal-COBRA?
What does the Cal-COBRA provide and how long does it last?
Who is eligible for Cal-COBRA?
Who pays for Cal-COBRA?
Are all health benefit plans covered by Cal-COBRA?
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